Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Echo Lake Fun

It's been four whole years since the last time we stayed at the cabin. This isn't just any log cabin. My mom and dad along with all of the aunts and uncles and of course the grandparents helped build our cabin when I was two years old. The wood flooring in the cabin is from my dad's old elementary school. I spent all of my childhood summers here swimming, tubing, canoeing, swinging on the rope swing and sleeping in one the of the many antique brass beds lining the top floor. The miraculous thing is the cabin really hasn't changed in all these years--same furniture, same curtains, same rugs, same bed, same dishes... I didn't realize how much I missed the cabin until I walked through the door. It was so fun to share the joys of the cabin with my own children.

Here is a view of Echo Lake from the third floor balcony of the cabin.

The boys had a blast! They went swimming for hours every day, went for tube rides behind the boat, jumped off the platform, swung off the rope swing, caught turtles out in turtle bay in the canoe,and crawdads off the dock at night. Ezzie mastered the kayak and even took Reuben out for a few rides. For the Fourth, a few of my siblings drove out to the Indian Reservation and purchased illegal fireworks and we had quite the show from the dock! It really was a perfect vacation.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Pics

We are back from a wonderful, fun-filled trip to Montana. It was 10 days of awesome! When I download the pics off of my camera, I'll post all about the cabin.

While we were in Montana, we had the opportunity to take some family photos, the first we've taken in nine years because of all of the sibs going on missions. Sadly, we were still missing our brother Ben and my Todd but it was still the largest group of family we've had in a long, long time.

Here is the Larson Clan:

The Mamacita and the Papa:

The Brothers:

The Sissies:

The Granchilluns:

The concerted effort to get all the grandchildren to look at the camera at the same time:

Candid shots: