Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Camping Trip

We just got back from a camp out up the 11 Mile Canyon. Really, I think I'll just let the pictures do the talking for this post. The boys were in heaven--I mean, how could one go wrong, with fire, walking sticks, mud, boulders, wide flat rocks to picnic on, and rushing rivers to wade in? The whole thing was a bit Lord of the Flyish but very fun.

Back to civilization with two days worth of dirt to scrub off!


Janice said...

so happy you are reunited with your sweetheart. we miss you guys. It looks like you are having a blast already though!

Lake said...

You must be in heaven! I love the pictures. Those boys are getting so handsome.

allyn said...

why have i not been to your blog in forever? i don't even know.
i was missing you and sending you vibes and couldn't wait any longer for some sort of proof that you are still alive. and here it is. it is an old post, but still a fun reminder of you and the boys and todd.
we should have a regularly scheduled monday morning phone call. donchya think?