Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve Merriment!


We had a wonderful Christmas Eve! We invited our pretend grandparents, otherwise known as Ms. Bea and Mr. Marvin, along with a little neighborhood friend to participate in the festivities. After a delicious lunch/dinner (linner?) at Outback Steakhouse, we made a quick stop at the dollar store so the kids could pick out presents for each other and then bee-lined it home to get ready for the big night. Todd helped the kids wrap each other's presents, while I started on the cinnamon buns. When the buns were safely baking in the oven afloat in all of their caramely goodness, we began my favorite night of the year by opening the first gifts of Christams and putting them on:

Then it was time to act out the Christmas Nativity. Faithful Todd read Luke 2 while our budding actors performed their parts of standing perfectly still. Being the only girl in the fam, I usually have to play Mary, so it was very refreshing to have our neighborhood friend fill in for me. Although Jude would not let me wrap him in swaddling clothes, he was very professional in his part as baby Jesus, beaming munificently up into Mary's face.

Next, we heartily sang our favorite Christmas carols and then off to the kitchen to enjoy ooey-gooey, oh so yummy cinnamon buns and hot chocolate in our new snowflake mugs.

Of course, we musn't forget Santa. He needs all the energy and comfort food he can get on his long, arduous journey across the globe:

The Stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that Saint Nicholas soon would be there!

To bed, my little childlings and may your dreams be filled with sugar plums and all good things this Merry Christmas Eve!


Teresa said...

those are such cute pictures! i love the one at the table in their jammies eating their ooey gooey cinnamon buns. sounds like a wonderful night.

Jenna said...

Oh, how we miss all those cute boys! Love your tradition of eating cinnamon buns for dinner, seriously...that is too fun!!! Love the pj's and your nativity, all around wonderfully wonderful!